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Automatic Palm Fiber Baling Machines

Automatic Palm Fiber Baling Machines


The Automatic Palm Fiber Baling Machine is a kind of baler that is specially designed for recycling and baling oil palm fiber. All the parts of the machines are tailor-made to work day and night. One 40HQ container can load fibre bales of over 19 tons. There are two types of the palm fiber baling machine. The compact model produces small bales, making it easy to handle. The bigger type helps you to process fiber of 2500 kg per hour.


1. Its photoelectric switch activates baler automatically when the charge box is full.
2. The unique double-cutting design of cutters improves the cutting efficiency and lengthens the lifespan of the cutter.
3. The baler can automatically detect and show the errors of the machine, which improve the efficiency of machine inspection.
4. The palm fiber baling machine adopt international standard layout, including electric circuit, graphic operation instruction and detailed parts marks. Those all make it easy to understand and operate.
5. Its press heads are specially processed by planomiller, which ensures the precise running of the ram.
6. This machine adopts original imported hydraulic system, making the machine more safe and durable.
7. Only flat ground is required by the installation of the machine.


Model MF1000A6174 MF1250A11085
Main Cylinder Size Ø220 Ø250
Main Motor Power 45 kw 55 kw
Cooling System Double water coolers Double water coolers
Cycle Time (unload) 15s 18s
Oil Reservoir 1460 L 1800 L
Number of Belting 4 line 4 line
Wire Size Ø3.0-3.2 Ø3.0-3.2
Feed Opening Size (L×W) 1400×610 mm 1500×1100 mm
Bale Size (L×W×H, L is adjustable) 1100×610×740 mm 1100×1100×850 mm
Bale Weight (approx./depend on the moisture of the fiber) 130-150 kg 260-300 kg
Throughput (depend on the fibre feeding speed) 800-1200 kg 1500-2500 kg
Machine Weight 12 ton 21 ton
Machine Overall Dimension 8800×3000×3500 mm 10500×4000×4000 mm
Feeding Device Conveyor Conveyor
Feeding Width 1400 mm 1500 mm
Speed 12 m/min 12 m/min
Power 7.5 kw 7.5 kw
Weight 5 ton 5.5 ton
Overall Dimension 11000×1900×4000 mm 11000×2000×5200 mm
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