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Metal Balers

Metal Balers


Metal Balers are a series of balers that are applicable in steel plants, recycling companies, smelting industry. Those balers are designed to press all metal leftover, steel shavings, steel scraps, aluminum scraps and cooper scraps into qualified burdens of different shapes like rectangle, cylinder and octagon. By this way, the cost in transportation and smelting can be greatly saved.


1. The balers are installed without the foundation bolt. It can be powered by diesel fuel when there is no electricity available.
2. There are two types of baling out. They are turn-out and push-out.
3. The pressing force is between 63 tons and 400 tons and the baling capacity ranges from 0.5 tons to 20 tons per hour.
4. The size of the feeding container and the bales can be customized according to the customer’s baling needs.
5. The Can Baler works under the hydraulic system. It adopts manual or PCL automatic model.


No. Specifications
Model MM-1350 MM-2500
1 Main Cylinder Type YG250/160 YG340/220
Pressure 1350 KN 2500 KN
Stroke 1720 mm 1820 mm
Qty. 1 pc 1 pc
2 Plate Cylinder Type YG160/105 YG180/120
Pressure 530 KN 635 KN
Stroke 1160 mm 1635 mm
Qty. 1 pc 1 pc
3 Bales Out Door Cylinder Type YG110/70 YG160/105
Pressure 250 KN 500 KN
Stroke 260 mm 580 mm
Qty. 2 pc 1 pc
4 Ejecting Cylinder Type N/A YG220/160
Pressure N/A 950KN×2
Stroke N/A 1500 mm
Qty. N/A 2 pc
5 Chamber Size 1400×600×600 mm 2000×1400×900 mm
6 Bales Size (L×W×H;H is adjustable) 600×240×H mm 500×500×H mm
7 Hydraulic Pressure 25 Mpa 25 Mpa
8 Cycle Time ~70 s ~160 s
9 Motor Type Y200L2-6 Y200L2-6
Rated Power 22 KW 22 KW
Rated Speed 970 rpm 970 rpm
Qty. 1 pc 2 pc
10 Pump Type 160YCY14-1B 160YCY14-1B
Flow Rate 160 ml/r 160 ml/r
Rated Pressure 31.5 MPa 31.5 MPa
Qty. 1 pc 2 pc
11 Machine Weight 6 ton 21 ton
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