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Crusher Type Square Balers

Crusher Type Square Balers


The crusher type square balers are equipped with 48 pcs of dynamic blades. It can shred both the standing and cutting-off crops into small pieces with size of less than 100 mm, such as corn stalks, cotton stalks, reeds, sorghum stalks, couch grass etc.


1. The machines are equipped with Germany imported bearing. This greatly improves the lifespan of the machine.
2. The machines are equipped with Germany imported knotting mechanism, which greatly enhances the working efficiency and decrease the bale off probability.
3. The machines are equipped with three safety devices, which ensure that the machine never works overloaded.


Model MA-1950C

Baling Chamber

Chamber Cross Section Size 360×460 mm
Bale Length 310-1300 mm
Bale Density 120-180 kg/m3

Shredding Part

Working Width 1950 mm
The Height for Stubble Left <50 mm
Shredding Size <100 mm
Blades QTY 48 pc
Overload Protection Belt Creep

Feeding Screw

Screw Size DIA320
Rotating Speed 313 r/min
Transmission Chain Drive 08B-1-100
Overload Protection Belt Creep


Structure Crank Rocker Arm
Feeding Forks 4 pc
Transmission Chain drive 12A-1-116
Overload Protection Safety Bolt

Compressing Device

Working Cycle Time 100 t/min
Stroke 550 mm

Strapping Info

Strapping Lines 2 Line
Strapping Rolls 6 pc

Machine Overall Information

Machine Overall Dimension 4600×2400×1750 mm
Machine Weight 2350 kg

Tractor Size Required

Power >75 hp
PTO Speed 540 rpm
Tire Size 10-15 9.0x15.3
Tire Inflation Pressure 300 kPa
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