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There are both vertical balers and horizontal baling machines that are available for pressing materials like waste Paper, cardboards /OCC, cartons, packaging waste, waste books, magazines, newspaper or similar materials. Select the baling machines that are most suitable for you. Besides, we are also available for customization. Contact us for your baling needs once your material is not on the list.


Before Balin

  • Cardboards(OCC)/PaperWaste/Packaging Waste

  • Cartons

  • Waste Books/Magazines/Newspaper
After Baling

The below machines are suitable for baling above materials

Powerful Full Automatic Balers
Medium Size Automatic Horizontal Baling Press
Full Automatic Balers with Cyclone for Corrugated Packaging Plants
Heavy Duty Semi Automatic Balers
Small-sized Semi-auto Horizontal Baling Machines
Compact Waste Balers
Carton Press

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