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Clothes Balers

Clothes Balers


The Clothes Baler is a kind of baler that is designed to press and recycle second-hand clothing, comforters and shoes. The baler is now widely used in clothing recycling plants. It lifts chamber by hydraulic pressure, which greatly improves efficiency. And this also makes it convenient to knot and bundle bales.


Model MVT300A6040 MVT500A7555 MVT1500A11080
Pressure 30 ton 50 ton 150 ton
Feed Opening Size (L×W) 600×400 mm 750×350 mm 1100×600 mm
Chamber Height 1400 mm 1850 mm 1850 mm
Bales Size (L×W×H;H is adjustable) 600×400×(350-600) mm 750×550×(350-500) mm 1100×800×(500-900) mm
Bales Weight 30-60 kg 50-100 kg 250-400 kg
Power 5.5 kw 11 kw 18.5 kw
Machine Weight 1800 kg 2800 kg 6000 kg
Machine Overall Dimension 1250×800×3700 mm 1550×1000×4200 mm 2000×1450×4300 mm
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