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Compact Waste Balers

Compact Waste Balers


The Compact Waste Baler is a type of baler that is designed to press materials like daily trashes, waste paper, plastics, waste leftover and trimmings. Currently, it is widely used in plants, vessels, hotels and resorts. With compact structure, the baler amounts for little space. Besides this, it is equipped with liquid-collecting sink, which ensures that the water will not leak. What is more, the baler can bale out automatically, making it easy to improve efficiency.


Model MV100A6040 MV200A8060
Pressure 10 ton 20 ton
Feed Opening Size (L×W) 500×300 mm 700×400 mm
Chamber Height 900 mm 1200 mm
Bales Size (L×W×H;H is adjustable) 600×400×(200-600) mm 800×600×(400-800) mm
Bales Weight 15-50 kg 30-120 kg
Power 2.2 kw 3 kw
Machine Weight 800 kg 1000 kg
Machine Overall Dimension 1000×800×2250 mm 1300×800×2550 mm
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