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For crops like alfalfa hay, wheat straw, rice straw, rape stalks, peanut vines, corn stalks,reeds, cotton stalks , sorghum stalks, couch grass etc, we have two types of agricultural hay balers to recycle them. The pick-up type is suitable for baling the cutting off crops; the shredding type square balers are equipped with 48 pc of dynamic blades. This helps shred both of the standing and cutting off crops into small pieces with size of less than 100 mm. Contact us today to discuss your special recycling needs if your materials are not on the list.


Before Baling

  • Alfalfa

  • Straw

  • Wheat Straw
After Baling

  • Alfalfa Bale

  • Rice Straw Bales

  • Wheat Straw Bales

The below machines are suitable for baling above materials

Agricultural Square Balers
Powerful Full Automatic Balers
Medium Size Automatic Horizontal Baling Press

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