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Powerful Full Automatic Balers

Powerful Full Automatic Balers


The Powerful Full Automatic Balers are a series of balers that specialize in recycling and compressing the loose materials, such as waste paper, cardboards, cartons, OCC, waste books, magazines, newspaper, plastic film, alfalfa, and coir fibre/ coconut fiber etc. Its capacity is of more than 5tons per hour. Equipped with rapid automatic strapping system, the powerful full automatic balers are easy for cleaning and maintaining. They have adjustable bale length and accurate baling data, making it convenient to operate. With only one 'START’ button, you can have the whole automatic running, including continuous pressing, ejecting bales automatically. A scrambler is required if the baling materials are newspaper.


Model MF1000A11080 MF1000A110110 MF1250A110110 MF1250A110125
Main Cylinder Size Ø220 Ø220 Ø250 Ø250
Main Motor Power 45 kw 45 kw 55 kw 55 kw
Cooling System air cooler / water cooler air cooler / water cooler air cooler / water cooler air cooler / water cooler
Cycle Time (unload) 14 s 14 s 15 s 15 s
Oil Reservoir 1600 L 1600 L 1900 L 1900 L
Number of Belting 4 line 5 line 5 line 5 line
Wire Size Ø3.0-3.2 Ø3.0-3.2 Ø3.0-3.4 Ø3.0-3.4
Feed Opening Size (L×W) 1600×1050 mm 1600×1050 mm 1600×1050 mm 1600×1050 mm
Chamber Size (L×W×H) 2100×1100×800 mm 2100×1100×1100 mm 2100×1100×1100 mm 2100×1100×1250 mm
Bale Size (L×W×H, L can be adjustable) L×1100×800 mm L×1100×1100 mm L×1100×1100 mm L×1100×1250 mm
Bale Density (OCC) 400-500 kgs/m3 400-500 kgs/m3 450-550 kgs/m3 450-550 kgs/m3
Throughput (30-60kgs/m3) 5-9 tons/h 6-11 tons/h 7-13 tons/h 8-15 tons/h
Machine Weight 15 tons 17 tons 19 tons 21 tons
Machine Overall Dimension(mm) 8500×4000×4200 8700×4000×4200 9000×4100×4200 9000×4100×4200
Feeding Device Conveyor Conveyor Conveyor Conveyor
Feeding Width 1600 mm 1600 mm 1600 mm 1800 mm
Speed 12 m/min 12 m/min 12 m/min 12 m/min
Power 7.5 kw 7.5 kw 7.5 kw 7.5 kw
Weight 6 tons 6 tons 6 tons 7 tons
Overall Dimension(mm) 11000×2100×5200 11000×2100×5200 11000×2100×5200 11000×2300×5200
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