Product List

Auto-Tie Horizontal Baler

1. Every unit is customized to fit your application, with a wide variety of customer adjustable settings.
2. Fully automatic operation from load to tie reduces labor costs
3. PLC control with touch screen means ease of operation and adaptability as your business grows
4. "Hands-off" operation means you only need someone to take away finished bales
5. Multiple chamber/hopper size combinations to fit any application or material
6. Touch-screen controls for easy operation
7. Will handle High-speed, high volume applications
8. Single cylinder front tension system - Fewer moving parts for better reliability
9. High-pressure systems available to produce super dense bales
10. Spring loaded, retractable retainer dogs insure uniform tight, bale size
11. Electrical panels UL Listed for Safety

Auto-Tie Baler

  • OEM of baling equipment, conveyors, and other recycling related equipment.
  • Sells industrial compactors and balers to restaurants, shopping malls, construction companies, hospitals, and offshore vessels.
  • USA. Manufacturers and distributors of waste management equipment including vertical balers, multi-bin balers, cardboard balers, drum crushers, marine compactors, and hazardous waste compactors.
  • Auto-Tie Baling Machine

  • UK. Design and manufacture of baling presses and plastic injection molding machines. High tonnage baling presses for fibers, metals and synthetic rubber. Hydraulically and electrically powered baling presses for ginned cotton, cotton linters and synthetic fibers. Technical information.
  • UK. Design, development and manufacture of a range of automatic and semi-automatic horizontal and vertical baling systems, shredders, conveyors and auxiliary equipment for plastic, paper and textile materials recycling applications. Also, wiper packing machines. Detailed machine catalogs.
  • USA. Suppliers of fiber handling machinery. Balers, bale openers, trim collectors, volumetric feeders, recycling and computerized control systems. Also, reclaiming and filtration systems, and dosing and insertion equipment for diaper machines.
  • Auto-Tie Horizontal Baler