Product List

Closed Door Horizontal Baler

1. Automatic ram cycling eliminates a dedicated operator, saving labor costs
2. Various bales sizes available- chose your bale size
3. Narrow and Wide box feed openings to fit your specific application
4. More volume capacity and production output than a vertical
5. PLC equipped for customization, reliability and ease of use
6. Adjustable photo-cell control for uniform output and smooth operation
7. Multi-material capabilities
8. Electrical panels UL Listed for safety

Closed Door Baling Machine

  • India. Diversified group of companies, active in machinery, doors, flexible bulk containers and industrial bags, and packaging materials. Design and manufacture of double roller ginning machines, de-linters and pre-cleaners, and baling presses for the cotton industry. Also, upgrading of existing ginneries. Detailed machine catalogs, including technical information and specifications.
  • UK. Design and manufacture of baling presses and plastic injection molding machines. High tonnage baling presses for fibers, metals and synthetic rubber. Hydraulically and electrically powered baling presses for ginned cotton, cotton linters and synthetic fibers. Technical information.
  • UK. Design, development and manufacture of a range of automatic and semi-automatic horizontal and vertical baling systems, shredders, conveyors and auxiliary equipment for plastic, paper and textile materials recycling applications. Also, wiper packing machines. Detailed machine catalogs.
  • Closed Door Baler

  • The Close the Door campaign asks retailers in the UK to conserve energy by keeping their doors closed
  • Non-electric operator for residential doors that opens, holds, and allows doors to close gently.
  • OEM of baling equipment, conveyors, and other recycling related equipment.
  • Closed Door Horizontal Baler