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Horizontal Baler

Revolutionary New Horizontal Baler
The first in our new line of horizontal balers. This unit was created to fill the need for a low cost horizontal baler solution while producing bale weights of up to 1,600 LBS of old corrugated cardboard (OCC) for international shipping. The Horizontal Baler is the ideal solution for recyclers, printers, manufacturers, warehouses, distribution centers, mailing houses and bottlers looking to turn your waste into cash.

The Total Recycling Center Solution
The all-new horizontal baler is designed to have a low price point while also having a high impact on your profits. Our best in class turn-key solution lets you focus on your business while we take care of the delivery and installation. The 30 HP motor combined with the 8″ bore cylinder combine to produce over 150,000LBS of platen force. This horizontal baler can handle many different recycling streams and creates some of the most dense bales in the industry.

Multi-Material Manual-Tie Horizontal Baler
This Baler is a heavy duty, closed-end horizontal baler that allows you to process a variety of material such as Pet, HDPE, Aluminum/Steel Cans, Paper, OCC, Plastics, Newsprint, and more. This horizontal baler is a heavy duty, closed-end horizontal baler that allows you to process a variety of material such as Pet, HDPE, Aluminum/Steel Cans, Paper, OCC, Plastics, Newsprint, and more.

Benefits of the horizontal baler
Competitive cost
Small floor space requirements
Wide feed opening
Vertical tie
Full Ejection
Full Penetration
No fluffing
No pre-conditioning

Features of the horizontal baler
Hardened steel tongue and grove floor and side liners
Adjustable cold roll bar assembly hold-down system with integrated drag plate for ram
Programmable controller permits automatic or manual control
Hopper with access door featuring an interlock and viewing port
Electrical disconnect
Reversible and adjustable bolt-on shear blade
Full penetration ram and complete bale ejection system
30 HP totally enclosed, fan cooled (TEFC) motor with electrical disconnect
Hydraulic bale door release
Nylon runners for smooth ram operation
Dual interlock on bale chamber door
Lower photocell control
Wire guides for tying through the bale chamber door
Start-Up Recycling Centers
If you are starting a recycling facility and looking for a low-cost extreme performance, our horizontal baler is your number one choice.

Horizontal Baler Equipment

  • Manufacturer of heavy duty reliable horizontal balers, shredders, hoggers, fluffers and perforators.
  • Manufacturers of horizontal and vertical waste management solutions including two-ram and the hinged side baler.
  • Produces vertical and horizontal balers, stationary and self-contained compactors, pre-crusher compactors, compaction containers, cart dumpers and conveyors.
  • Horizontal Baling Unit

  • USA. Design and manufacture of standard and custom developed vertical and horizontal balers and complete baling systems for the fiber, textile, nonwovens, paper, plastics and foam, agricultural and materials recycling industries.
  • UK. Design, development and manufacture of a range of automatic and semi-automatic horizontal and vertical baling systems, shredders, conveyors and auxiliary equipment for plastic, paper and textile materials recycling applications. Also, wiper packing machines. Detailed machine catalogs.
  • Germany. Multi-national group of machinery manufacturers. Standard and custom design of vertical and horizontal balers for the fiber and recycling industry. Also, compactors, conveyors, shredders and sorting plants.
  • Horizontal Baler